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Tooth wear is the term that dentists use to describe how the surface area of our teeth wears down over time. The loss of tooth surface can happen because of dental decay, dental trauma or because we grind and clench our teeth. We also self-induce tooth corrosion when we consume too many damaging foodstuffs, like carbonated drinks.

Tooth wear becomes more progressive as we age. Our bodies can accommodate for normal wear, but it may be necessary for professional intervention in extreme cases. In severe cases, the wear and tear can leave the dentine exposed on one or more teeth.

Our team can help you identify any worn areas as well as the possible causes. We can create a dental treatment plan using one or more procedures, such as crownsveneers and cosmetic bonding.

We can also recommend techniques to prevent further wear. A bite splint, for example, can protect your teeth if you are prone to grinding.

Our course of action will depend on the condition of your teeth and the reason behind the wear.

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