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While we do all that we can to keep your natural teeth in place, tooth extraction can sometimes be a necessary measure to ensure your overall oral health. Your dentist will explain the reasons behind your extraction and inform you about the procedure prior to your appointment.

In the case of more complicated tooth extractions, we work with a specialist oral surgeon who has years of experience in performing such procedures.

Why does my tooth need to be extracted?

There are multiple reasons you may require a tooth extraction, these include:

  • Recurrent root canal infection of a tooth
  • Tooth has been damaged irreparably due to decay or trauma or by a vertical fracture or crack in the tooth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Your mouth is overcrowded, and a tooth or teeth need to be extracted prior to orthodontic treatment
  • Your wisdom teeth are impacted

Does it hurt?

This procedure is carried out under local anesthetic which will numb the affected site. After treatment, you may also require some pain relief.

Will I be left with a gap in my smile?

This depends on where in the mouth you’re having an extraction. We offer a number of solutions to restore missing teeth and we can plan your treatment to ensure your smile remains unaffected.

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