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Today, it is easier to achieve a whiter and brighter smile than ever before. Patients who come in for whitening treatments usually have mild to moderate discolouration on a number of teeth, if not on all. Teeth whitening is one of the most frequently requested procedures because it is quick and effective.

At Meopham Dental Care, we offer Philips™ Zoom WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening.
The Philips™ Zoom WhiteSpeed whitens teeth by up to eight shades in just one visit.

The WhiteSpeed uses excellent whitening technology to give you superior whitening results. The device uses a pH booster whitening gel and advanced LED technology to accelerate colour improvement. This is why you can see such a remarkable difference with just one treatment session.

At our dental practice, we customise the intensity of the device to match your exact needs and expectations. By doing this, we can ensure that your experience is always comfortable. The Philips™ Zoom WhiteSpeed is equally effective on sensitive teeth, without causing the discomfort that many other techniques can cause.

If you looking for teeth whitening in Gravesend, Dartford and Maidstone, kindly visit Meopham Dental Care for the best treatment.

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