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Dentures are one of the most popular solutions to restore missing teeth and are worn by people of all ages, with different levels of tooth loss. They can look very natural, feel comfortable and restore your facial shape and function.

However, if you’ve been wearing dentures for a number of years, you might be familiar with a feeling of worry when you’re eating, or maybe you’ve experienced it rubbing against your gums? Implant retained dentures resolve these problems, enhance your confidence and offer you an appliance you can rely on.

Implant retained dentures are better fitting than traditional adhesive dentures and are ideal for patients whose jaw bone has weakened or shrank over time due to loss of the natural teeth.

At Meopham Dental Care, we offer implant retained dentures to provide you with an appliance that is held firmly in place yet is still easy to remove and clean. You can carry out your normal daily routine, eat the foods you love and chat away to others without worrying that your appliance might move or slip out of place.

What is an implant retained denture?

It looks and feels like a traditional denture. However, instead of being held in place by adhesive, it clips on and off dental implants that are strategically placed in your jaw bone.

Implants are small titanium screws upon which the denture appliance fits onto. So, instead of sitting on the gums, the denture clip onto the implants, creating a firmer hold.

Why have my regular dentures loosened?

If you have lost your teeth, your gums and jaw bone can lose shape and structure over time, and this is what may cause your dentures to feel looser than before.

Am I suitable for implant retained dentures?

You will need to have a consultation with our dentist who will discuss the treatment process with you. We will also need to ensure your jaw bone is strong enough to hold the dental implants. We will take X-rays to check this and may also refer you for a CT scan to ensure this is the right treatment for you.

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