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Invisalign™ offers you the chance of straighter, better-aligned teeth without the need for a fixed appliance. It has been designed specifically for adults, is completely transparent and is far less obvious than traditional orthodontic options.

Used all over the world, Meopham Dental Care is an experienced provider of Invisalign™ in the local area. We are proud to offer this treatment for patients who want a straightening solution that fits in with their busy lifestyle and leaves their appearance largely unaffected.

Invisalign™ aligners are transparent and are similar to mouth guards. They are custom made for you out of a strong and resilient thermoplastic, designed to feel comfortable and to look as natural as possible.

The aligners are worn for up to 22 hours a day and are removed for eating and cleaning.

Every week you’ll be provided with a new set of aligners which have been adjusted to gently and comfortably move your teeth into a new, straighter position. We will also arrange appointments with you every six to eight weeks, so we can ensure treatment is progressing well.

What are the benefits of Invisalign™?

  • Comfortable and discrete treatment
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • More attractive than metallic or fixed braces
  • Customised and made especially for your teeth
  • You can easily maintain your home care routine as the appliance is removable
  • Can target a range of orthodontic issues such as bite problems, overcrowding, and gaps in the teeth
  • Produces proven results and is chosen by millions of people worldwide

How long does treatment last?

Treatment time with Invisalign™ can vary as it depends on your individual orthodontic issues. On average, patients wear the aligners for between 9 to 12 months.

Will my teeth move out of place once treatment ends?

Wearing a retainer after any orthodontic treatment is often important to maintain your newly straightened teeth. There are fixed and removable options, but we will recommend the most appropriate retainer for you once we near the end of your Invisalign™ treatment.


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