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Dentists are starting to change their approach to treating dental decay.

Dentists who understand and practice MID will not automatically drill into teeth and remove the decay, the decay will be carefully assessed and after discussion with the patient, a care plan will be formulated, this may include:

  • Assessing and changing the causes of the disease, for example dietary changes to reduce sugar and acid intake.
  • Reviewing the caries to see if it becomes worse before the decay is drilled away.
  • Sealing the caries inside the tooth to try to stop progression of the disease, for example with fissure sealants.
  • Restoring the tooth without drilling, for example infiltrating the damaged area with ICON resin.

The principle of MID is that tooth tissue is precious and the minimal amount of tooth tissue should be removed to avoid damage.

At Meopham Dental Care implementing these new techniques involves a team approach to give you the best possible service.

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